History of ISDCI 

International conferences have always played important roles in the history of our society. They have been crucial in promoting interests in developmental and comparative immunology worldwide. There are no better ways to exchange scientific views and experimental data than at such international meetings, where experienced scientists and young PhD students meet each other not only during scientific sessions, but also at informal coffee breaks, meals, drinks and laboratory visits. 
Since the founding of ISDCI in 1980, we have held six conferences in Europe, four in North America, one in Australia and one in Asia. This website provides an interesting overview of these previous international meetings. Enjoy reading about them and seeing a few pictures of these events! 

Honorary members

   Christopher Bayne
   Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

   Nicholas Cohen

   Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Immunology and of   
   Psychiatry, University of Rochester

Thelma Cecilia Fletcher

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen

Past congresses

Every three years ISDCI organizes an international conference somewhere in the world. Please find below a short overview of all past ISDCI conferences, including group photo, local organizers and plenary lectures.

13th ISDCI Congress 2015, Murcia, Spain, Website

12th ISDCI Congress 2012, Fukuoka, Japan, Website

11th ISDCI Congress 2009, Prague, Czech Republic, Website

10th ISDCI Congress 2006, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

9th ISDCI Congress 2003, St Andrews, Scotland

8th ISDCI Congress 2000, Cairns, Australia

7th ISDCI Congress 1997, Williamsburg Virginia, USA

6th ISDCI Congress 1994, Wageningen, Netherlands

5th ISDCI Congress 1991, Portland, USA

4th ISDCI Congress 1988, Nottingham, England

3th ISDCI Congress 1985, Reims, France

2nd ISDCI Congress 1983, Los Angeles, USA

1st ISDCI Congress 1980, Aberdeen, Scotland

Open positions:

PhD position in invertebrate immunology - Uppsala University, Sweden


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Periodical newsletter