ISDCI International Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology

Founded in 1976, ISDCI serves to bring together research workers worldwide by fostering and maintaining international scientific cooperation and communication between individual scientists, regional groups and/or national societies interested in the study of developmental and comparative immunology. These objectives are advanced through international congresses every three years, sporadic smaller meetings and workshops, and by means of a periodical Newsletter.

ISDCI sponsors the journal Developmental and Comparative Immunology. Members of the society conduct research on all aspects of natural and acquired immune systems in animals throughout the phylogenetic spectrum, including invertebrates and both lower and higher vertebrates. By studying the development, functions and mechanisms operating in these diverse systems, members seek to understand how earlier evolved species coped with potential pathogens and parasites, and how ''''advanced'''' (i.e. mammalian and avian) immune systems evolved.

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PhD position in invertebrate immunology - Uppsala University, Sweden


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Journal Developmental and Comparative Immunology (12 issues a year)

Periodical newsletter

Periodical newsletter